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This website is the amalgamation of over 30 years of our experiences in equine industry employment. In 2011, Equimax.com, the best Equine Employment service in the US and HorseJobs.ca, the best in Canada, joined forces to offer the greatest coverage of job and career opportunities throughout the North American equine industry.

Now our website offers:

  • More job postings online with 24/7 access
  • Better Resume uploads and personalized profiles
  • Greater job/resume searching capabilities
Plus our specialists are on hand to assist you with additional services such as:
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Coaching
  • Recruitment Services for Employers
  • Student Job Placement Assistance
Horsejobs.ca is managed and operated by professionals who are active in the equine industry. We understand how hard it can be to find good help or a good job. Traditional job searching techniques take up time and money and are often unreliable. Modern web-based job searches are more convenient for the busy job hunter but very few web sites specialize in the equine field. WE do and we are here to serve you.

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Sarah Pratt

Founder of HorseJobs.ca
& Website Manager

Seth Burgess

Founder of Equimax

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Sarah Pratt left her 20+ year career as a professional recruiter for the hospitality industry and started www.horsejobs.ca along with two other horse professionals as a way to bring new levels of professionalism and improved networking to Canada's equine industry.

Sarah grew up in the UK where there remains a strong support system for those seeking careers with horses it was a system that appeared to be missing from Canada's equine industry. After over a year of planning, HorseJobs.ca became Canada's first employment website dedicated to the equine industry and quickly garnered respect from industry professionals across the country and into the USA.

In 2011, HorseJobs and Equimax formed a partnership and, now, together provide the largest and most recognized equine related employment service in North America.

In her spare time, Sarah is an active equestrian who currently sits on the board of the Ontario Equestrian Federation (www.horse.on.ca) and runs HorsePros.com, an administrative service for local equine related businesses.

Equimax was founded by Seth B. Burgess. For almost ten years, Seth was owner/operator of a full-service breeding farm where he gained first-hand experience with the special problems facing horse- industry employers and job seekers. He realized that a special kind of equine-related employment service was needed, so in 1986 he created the Equimax system to be a convenient, effective, and low-cost way for people to contact each other. Now, by joining forces with Sarah Pratt and Horsejobs.ca, Equimax and Horsejobs together represent the strongest equine employment service covering all of North America. After twenty five years of talking to clients five days a week, Seth understands the goals and concerns of horse-industry employers and job seekers.

He is available to create or revise effective horse industry resumes and to advise on how to build a top equine career, or how to hire and keep the best help for your business.

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